Roadtrip trough Iceland

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I have this page in my Bullet Journal where I write down every place on earth that I think is worth a visit someday. Sometimes I write down a country, sometimes a city or a special part of a city and sometimes it’s a whole continent, but it is always a place I like to visit one day.

Iceland has been on top of this list (and every other travel list I’ve made trough the years) forever, so it was about time that we planned a trip to this wonderful country.

road trip trough iceland, travel bucket list bullet journal

For two weeks, we traveled trough Iceland. Starting in Reykjavik, driving trough the more wild side of the country on the westcoast and then following the ringroad until we were back in Reykjavik again. When the airplane landed in Iceland I thought we had landed on another planet. Or maybe a continent that wasn’t yet explored or kept secret for all these years. Later, when the clouds drafted away, more of the vulcanic landscape became visible and we were able to see more of the hills, rocks and greens. Even tough there is one more place on this earth with comparable vulcanic activity, that place is so different in its distance from the equator that it still can’t compare to the nature in Iceland.

Iceland wasn’t as lonely as I thought it would be in the beginning, but it was still a country full of beautiful nature, perfect silence, fresh air, elves,( Yes, elves are VERY important in Iceland) and very clean water that you were able to drink everywhere. We aren’t used to living this close to nature anymore and it was amazing to experience that nature isn’t lost everywhere.

We loved our roadtrip and maybe we’ll come back some time to explore the highlands in summer. We tried capturing all special moments of the trip in a one minute video. A very difficult task, but we hope you like it none the less.

Have you ever been to Iceland? or are you planning to go?

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