Weekend adventure with a volkswagen van

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If you would have asked me to go camping ten years ago, I probably would have laughed in your face. Me and camping weren’t the bestest of friends, or that was what I thought. Now, my opinion has shifted from black to white.

When camping, you live close to nature and the more I am in nature, the happier I am. From the moment Nalle has joined our little family, wandering in nature has become an even better pastime. It’s amazing to see her enjoy being outside and to see her amazement about the smallest of things. A bright red insect walking across the road, or a leaf being lift in the air for a second and after that rolling further away, will grab her attention and curiosity instantly.

Volkswagen camperbusje t2 zandkleurig

Going on an adventure doesn’t mean you have to travel half the globe for several months. Adventure can be found on an hour ride from home as well.

Last weekend we drove a 1979 VW camper trough the inland roads of the Netherlands and Germany. We put our phones on airplane mode and left all other devices at home. Just Melvin, Nalle, me and a not very detailed map of the german road network.

I am not bad at reading maps in general. However, if you try to drive only on the smaller roads and the map you are trying to read only shows main roads, it’s quite a challenge. We didn’t take to most efficiënt way, but that didn’t matter because it was the trip itself we enjoyed the most. It’s amazing to see how an Oldtimer still drives so easily and is often more comfortable and smarter in its layout than most modern camper vans.

mr sandman de volkswagenbus, husky in een volkswagenbusje

Just when twilight arrived, we entered our camping spot for the night. We folded the top of the camper up, so we could stand upright in it and after a camper cooked meal we converted the comfortable couch in a comfortable and large bed. Compared to our van in Iceland, this van was a palace of space, comfort and efficiency. Even tough it was quite cold at night (we were just to stubborn to put on the heating) we fell in love with this amazing volkswagen van.

dogswhotravel husky puppy 7 months old van life

In the morning we were woken up by some sunrays and birds tweeting. Looking trough the back window we could see nature slowly awaken and fog slowly rising from the trees. Time for a long walk and after that, for our trip back to the warehouse in Nieuwegein. Back there we had some time left to drool over all the gorgeous oldtimers and volkswagen vans of which one rebuild into a volkswagen photobooth.

volkswagen t2 campervan spiegel in de regen

Which one shall we take with us on our next adventure?

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