New additions to my spring capsule wardrobe

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The first three months of the year have passed and with them, my unconditional love for woolen sweaters is starting to fade as well. After my first three months of cleaning out my closet and planning a capsule wardrobe, it is time to reflect, select and organise for the new season.

Looking back on the past three months I think I did pretty well. When writing down all the items I added to my wardrobe during these months, I count six new items in total. Pretty close to the five items per season of the French five piece wardrobe system. Also, I never felt there wasn’t an appropriate outfit available during these first three months of the year.

Now the warmer weather is finally coming, I feel I can again reflect on the items in my wardrobe and once again donate a couple of items that I haven’t worn and that didn’t bring me any joy during the winter months. After doing a petite cleanout, there is more space to reflect on the items that are missing for the next season. Today I am showing you the items that I added to my capsule wardrobe in order to make it perfect for spring. I tried going quality on all of them and I hope they’ll last me a lifetime.

The belt

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I have been borrowing a simple beige cotton belt from my mother for years now (sorry mum!) and I tought it was the right time to invest in a belt that fitted my capsule wardrobe perfectly. This black leather belt with gold colored hardware from &Other Stories has the perfect colors for going with any outfit I wear these days and I love the crazy crocodile print detail.

The boots

ivylee copenhogen leather boots, chelsea boots, panther print, quality, capsule wardrobe, the currated closetI’ve had a perfect pair of brown cowboyboots for years. However the leather wasn’t as pretty anymore and I felt it was time to donate my beloved boots and find new ones to love and wear every single day. This new love I found in the ankle boots from Ivylee Copenhagen. I fell in love with the panter print and since I felt like it wouldn’t always be appropriate to wear panter printed shoes to any occasion, I added a uni pair to my wardrobe as well. The quality of these shoes is simply amazing and they walk like little clouds.

ivylee copenhogen leather boots, chelsea boots, panther print, quality, capsule wardrobe, the currated closet

The blouse part 1

capsule wardrobe scandinavaian style, currated closet, hm linnen shirt striped, blouse

Something that has been my uniform for the past years, must be the blouse. I love wearing blouses of all kinds. They are dressy and basic at the same time and I always feel more put together than in a regular tee. However, the blouses that I had been wearing were all uni coloured blouses and they all were made of synthetic fibers. Something that I am trying to minimize (more on that later). When I found this linnen/cotton mix shirt at H&M, I knew it would become my go to staple piece for the next season. The material and fit make it feel very comfy and like I am wearing pyjama’s. Tucking the blouse in my jeans and combining it with some ankle boots, my new belt and a high bun make it a perfect outfit for work, dinner or any other activity. I have been wearing this top almost non stop since I bought it (except for when in the laundry) and I still can’t get enough of it.

The blouse part 2

equipment kenton striped blouse, cotton, high quality, capsule wardrobe, currated closet

Another staple piece of my spring wardrobe will be this Equipment blouse. Yes, another striped piece, but who doesn’t love a good stripe? I know I do! This blouse is made out of 100% cotton, but it is so soft it could be partially silk. The quality of the blouse is also amazing.

I am very excited to see where this capsule experiment is going. I already feel like the time I stood in front of my overfull closet thinking I had nothing to wear is finally over. I can’t wait for the days that I’ll feel happy and content with my wardrobe for years without the need to add anything new to the mix. Who knows what else it will bring me. See you next season!

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