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How to use The Ultimate Workbook for Bloggers

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You ask and I deliver, that’s what life is about. When I released the message last week, that my project from the past months is now officially for sale, all your reactions were very positive. However, you wanted to see more of the inside of the Blogger Workbook. That is why I’ll show you the inside of the workbook in todays blogpost.

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The Looks

The lay-out of the Blogger Workbook i designed myself. The colorscheme is the same as the scheme I used for my website. Because of the rather neutral colors, the Blogger Workbook will look really pretty on every desk. Besides the colors, I chose for the highest quality in materials. When I sell something, I want to sell something nice. Because of that, I chose a wirebinder and luxurious thick paper for the Blogger Workbook.

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Inspiration is something we all love. Because of that, I created several pages with inspirational quotes about productivity, dreams, blogging and work. While filling in the pages of this workbook, these quote pages will give you som extra inspiration and motivation to get trough with the good work and to reach your goals. When the twelve months have passed and your workbook is full, you could carefully remove the quote pages to frame them. They’ll look very pretty in your study.

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Creating a Blog business plan

The first part of the blogger workbook consists of a couple of pages with questions, check boxes and things for thoughts. These questions will help you create a small version of a business plan. Most bloggers have never thought about creating a business plan, even tough creating one could really help in visualising your current practises and your goals. While doing my research in the past year, I came across a lot of papers emphasizing the importance of good planning. By filling in the first couple of pages in the Blogger Workbook, I have gained a lot of interesting insights that helped me building my blog in the past year. Only because of these insights I have made such a large jump forward.

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The blogplanner

the second part of the blogger workbook is a detailed blog planner in which you can save all blogpost ideas, schedule them in a content calendar and where you can check of when the blogpost is written en published on several social media channels. Besides this, there is enough space to track your statistics and to track your progress. Nothing more motivational then seeing your blog grow. Especially when you can see the growth of your statistics over a couple of months time it will amaze you how much progress you can make in so little time.

In the video  I’ll show the Ultimate Workbook for Bloggers and give you a quick walkthrough of its contents.

What do you think of the contents of the Blogger Workbook?

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