Happy 2017

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Happy 2017! You are allowed to say that up until one week after new years right? For me the new year started quite basic but cosy none the less. This will also be my “theme” for 2017.

Enjoying the little moments has always been important to me, but this year I want to make life even more meaningfull. I’ve read a lot of books about minimalism lately and some of the things I learned, really sticked with me. I started cleaning out my wardrobe and I try to be more conscious about the things I buy.

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The free moments I have, I want to spend doing things that truly make me happier. So instead of bingewatching Netflix after dinner, I opt for a boardgame instead. And instead of watching youtube video’s during breakfast, I take a book to read. When I don’t want to cook, instead for going for a takeout, I put on some music and cook together instead. It makes it all quite more enjoyable.

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Saturday I woke up to a world white of fresh snow. Nothing better than a true wintermorning and waking up to fresh snow. Melvin and I went on a long walk together in the forest. The trees look so beautiful in snow! Afterwards we warmed our hands to a warm cup of tea and booked our next ski trip in March. So this weeks snow won’t be the last snow we’ll see this year. I can’t wait for all the pretty pictures I’ll be able to take.

Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Or things you want to give some extra focus in 2017?

4 thoughts on “Happy 2017”

  1. Ja, het was zo mooi met die sneeuw! Ik heb ook even gewandeld in het park, en het was echt prachtig. Nu ik weer naar buiten moet ben ik toch wel blij dat het weer weg is. Hoe mooi het ook is, het is wel mega glad op de fiets.

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