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Only a couple of nights left and it will be there: Creative Journaling magazine. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to take part in the creation of a magazine with Bullet Journaling as theme. Even tough I don’t spend much time blogging anymore now I work fulltime, I loved the sound of this project.

I tried to find some extra hours in the weekends and evenings after work and after running. In those rare minutes I succeeded in writing a couple of articles and taking some pictures that could be used in the magazine.

The December issue of Creative Journaling will be completely about Bullet Journaling.  What is a Bullet Journal, what can you do with it and how will a Bullet Journal help you live an easier and more fun life? are just a couple of questions that will be answered in the magazine. With lots of examples, step-by-step pictures and practise sheets, Creative Journaling will be full of inspiration. Creative Journaling can be ordered from this website and when you order with the code WITHOUTELEPHANTS27 before november 6th, you’ll pay only 7,99 instead of 8,99 and they’ll ship your magazine for free. (I think this offer is only for Dutch people)

I have to admit that even I don’t know how they included my contributions in the magazine. I also don’t know what other Bullet Journalers have contributed. I only know I am very excited for november 21th since that will be the day the magazine will arrive in my mailbox.

* I wasn’t paid to contribute to this magazine and I don’t get anything for the magazines you’ll buy using the link above. I truly only took on this project because I loved it.

2 thoughts on “Creative Journaling magazine”

  1. Céline,
    Wat leuk om weer eens wat van je te horen hier. Gaaf dat je meewerkt aan zo’n tijdschrift. Ik ga er eens bestellen hoor! Zelf gebruik ik een Bullet Journal naast mijn agenda om alle to do’s bi de houden en af en toe laat ik mij verleiden tot wat creatief handletteren. Heerlijk om te doen, als ik tijd heb!

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