Bullet Journal for puppies

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Bullet Journals are great for getting your own life organized, but they are also amazing for getting the life of the other family members organized, especially the little fluffy ones. When we knew little Nalle would be coming to our home, I immediately started her own bullet journal. It helps me give her a great puppyhood and help her grow up to be a happy and well balanced dog.

puppy bullet journal, pet journal, dog bullet journal, ideas, tips

Important telephone numbers

The first thing I wrote in the puppies bullet journal is a list of important telephone numbers. The number of the vet and the number of a backup vet in case her own vet can’t come or treat her in an emergency. I also added the number of the dogtrainer from her puppy class and the number of a dogwalker in case we might need it sometime. Adding these telephone numbers in front of the Bullet Journal makes it extra easy to find them also for people who aren’t used to the Bullet Journal system but need to call one of these numbers while looking after Nalle.

puppy bullet journal, pet journal, dog bullet journal, ideas, tips, dog bullet journal


Socialization is very important for little pups in order to make them comfortable in many situations later on in life. I created a chart with several situations and items I wanted Nalle to get used to in the first three weeks of her living with us. After those three weeks I can see where she already feels good and what we need to work on a little bit more and adjust the chart accordingly.

As you can see, we need to add some more experiences with smaller and larger animals that aren’t dogs.

puppy bullet journal, pet journal, dog bullet journal, ideas, tips


Comparible to the socialization chart, I created a chart for tracking when and how often we train certain commands. I added the basic and most important commands in this chart for the first three weeks after that, we’ll see how many of them she already knows very well and in every situation and adjust the chart accordingly. This chart also helps with keeping as consistent as possible with her training.

puppy bullet journal, pet journal, how to , ideas

Vacinations and deworming

Event tough her passport keeps track of the vacinations she gets and when to repeat them, I like to have everything in one place. That’s why I added a list of the vacinations she has had to her Bullet Journal and add the dates she needs to repeat them to a yearly/monthly overview page.

puppy bullet journal, pet journal, how to , ideas


Huskies burn their food different from other dogs when active which makes them need less food than other dogs of the same hight or weight. In order to keep track of how fast she is growing and gaining weight I keep a chart of her age and weight in her Bullet Journal as well.

Other lists to add to your pups Bullet Journal

There are endless possibilities of things you could add to a Bullet Journal for your four pawed friend. Below are some extra ideas, but if you come up with any additional ones please let me know. I would love to hear them and add them to this list.

  • Grooming/Brushing schedule
  • Crate training schedule
  • Puppy class notes
  • tracker for indoor exidents (potty training progress)
  • puppy wishlist
  • Funny things your pup does

Stuff I used for the journal

These are the items I used to create Nalle’s Bullet Journal. I mostly wrote with my copper Lamy Safari pen filled with grey Diamine shimmer ink. To color the charts I used the Tombow dual brush pens and I added drawings and smaller texts with a grey stabilo pen.

Do you want to read more about Nalle? Follow her on her blog: or follow her on instagram.

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