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Roadtrip trough Iceland

I have this page in my Bullet Journal where I write down every place on earth that I think is worth a visit someday. Sometimes I write down a country, sometimes a city or a special part of a city and sometimes it’s a whole continent, but it is always a place I like to …

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Creative Journaling magazine

Only a couple of nights left and it will be there: Creative Journaling magazine. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to take part in the creation of a magazine with Bullet Journaling as theme. Even tough I don’t spend much time blogging anymore now I work fulltime, I loved the …

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New additions to my spring capsule wardrobe

The first three months of the year have passed and with them, my unconditional love for woolen sweaters is starting to fade as well. After my first three months of cleaning out my closet and planning a capsule wardrobe, it is time to reflect, select and organise for the new season.

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The paperless home

After cleaning out my closet it was time to clean out all the loose papers in my home. Even tough I am a huge paper lover, there is nothing more anoying than loose papers hanging around in the house. They don’t look pretty, they only look anoying and cluttered. So time to make a change and …

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