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Everything you need for your Bullet Journal

bullet journal supplies you really need, welke spullen heb je nodig Bullet Journal Nederland, blogposts

Two days from now, exactly one year ago, I started my Bullet Journal and I still love the system just as much as on that very first day. However, between all the great sources of information, it is sometimes quite hard to find the things you really need to start a journal of your own. So for today a blogpost with the things you need for your Bullet Journal and also some things you absolutely don’t need but are exceptionally great wishlist material.

bullet journal supplies you really need, welke spullen heb je nodig Bullet Journal Nederland, blogposts

The Bullet Journal supplies you need

In order to start your Journal, it first of all is important to have something to journal in. In theory this can be any cute notebook you like, but most Bullet Journalers want something more than that. A notebook that will stay flat no matter on what page you are working, with a sturdy cover and numbered pages. For my Journal I chose the Brünnen black A5 journal with squares on the pages. I absolutely love this journal and would definitely buy it again. However, there is a limited choice in colors available.

When you want something more colorful, the most popular journal for Bullet Journaling is the Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook with dotted pages. This is also the journal I chose for my Business Bullet Journal.

Next, you need a proper pen to write with in your Journal. I recommend using at least one regular color and one different color to highlight important notes or appointments. This can be any pen type you like, but I use these fine pens from Stabilo. The most popular choice in pens are the Staedtler fine tip pens and for a more classical touch you can use a Fountain pen with a nice ink to choice.

These two things are the real basics of Bullet Journaling. All other supplies are great, but not necessary at all. Things like rulers and washi tape are a great way to add some color to your journal, but they won’t add anything to the basic functionality of it.

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Things you absolutely don’t need for your Bullet Journal

So now onto the real fun stuff. The things you definitely don’t need for your Bullet Journal, but are so much fun that I couldn’t resist sharing them. These items can be used when you want to add some creativity to your Bullet Journal or when you just really like to work with pens, paper and ink (like I do).

First of all the Dual brush pen watercolor markers from Tombow. These are great for creative lettering, but can also be used as watercolor! As a sucker for color, I couldn’t resist the temptation and I can’t wait creating cute watercolor items in my Bullet Journal. Who knows where my lettering and watercolor skills might go someday. Talking about watercolor, these water color brush pens are so versatile, it’s crazy. These can be used for both lettering as well as for watercolor.

In almost all of my favorites pages in my Bullet Journal, I used this Bruynzeel Color expression set. These color pencils are seriously the most beautiful color pencils i’ve ever owned. They color like a charm and come in so many pretty colors! I also use these pencils in my adult coloring books, where they are amazing to work with as well.

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Another thing you absolutely don’t need, are the Stabilo Point 68 pens. These are slightly broader then the fine tip pens I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I use these pens for coloring in my adult coloring books or for adding details to my Bullet Journal. I also use them in my period tracker (or is this TMI?) and for creating colorful headers for special sets. The colors of these pens are amazing and they last very very long.

When you don’t like the bright colors, but do want to add some accents now and then, mildliners are perfect. Also for studying, highlighting in your books and notes mildliners are a charm. Personally I have a couple of the frixion mildliners, but I’ve heard a lot of good stories about the Zebra MILDLINERS, who are even cheaper then the frixion ones. So, why not treat yourself?

Last but not least; stamps. I love to use stamps in my Bullet Journal. I know I am “supposed” to draw in my doodles and believe me, I try to do that a lot, but I’ll never be an artist. My absolute favorite stamps are from Lawn Fawn. This brand has a lot of amazing stamps for every season and occasion. They even have special planner stamps with symbols for special appointments and different types of check boxes. … Hmmm, I really need to get me some extra sets of these stamps…

Which Bullet Journal supplies do you find really unnecessary, but still amazing? I am always looking out for new cool stuff.

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